2016-17 Suspension List (updated 03/10/2017)

Players serving suspensions must be listed as one of the “game day 18” on teams with 19 to 22 players.

List of outstanding suspensions is below. Once game report showing games served has been submitted, USA will update, and remove names as suspensions are completed. Submit game reports here. Coaches should send in game reports as games are served, not wait and do them all at once.

Since ejections are not immediately reported, and there is a time frame needed for USA to review ejections, as well as time is needed to update the suspension list, it is important that club leadership and coaches remember their responsibilities in having an ejected coach or player sit out a minimum of the next game in all cases, and have this recorded on the game report to be submitted to USA. Coaches are not red lined in got soccer, and players that are not red lined are not necessarily eligible to play as they may not have an ejection reported in Got Soccer. The list below only shows what USA has recorded. Since got soccer records a suspension as served when the next game score is recorded, the suspension served in the team account may not be accurate, as it will record a forfeit as a game served which is in violation of FYSA rules. For that reason, USA adds a 15 game suspension to all players in got soccer so they will remain red lined till USA gets game reports showing that a player has served his suspension.


Game #Player First NamePlayer Last NameClubAge GroupOffense Code #GamesRed Card Issued DateGames ServedNotes 
2109*Coach EndyOrtizNorth LakelandU18 GUB18/27/2016
1339JoseZamarripaBartowU16 BUB108/27/2016
1207*Coach TimWalshFirst HernandoU15 B AL19/18/2016
1710DavidFiorilloPinellas County UnitedU17 B2 CT19/17/2016
1097AllenGardnerDunedin StirlingU15 BVC29/24/2016
1245Andres MeltonBraden RiverU15 BVC29/24/2016
1156JavinTruongTarponU15 BVC210/1/2016
2155*Coach CurtisStelzerBraden RiverU18 GDT110/2/2016
1483MichaelSalasNorth LakelandU18 B2CT110/1/2016
1166JoasSanchezLehighU15 BSFP110/15/2016
2442SeanO'BrienNature CoastU19 BAL310/15/201610/16/2016; 10/23/2016
1784FranklinHernandezLee CountyU17 B2CT110/23/2016
2193ErikaHerzekFirst HernandoU19 GVC410/30/201601/28/2017
3511*Coach SeanDoyleDunedinU13 BUB111/5/2016
2199DanielaRamosFC TampaU19 G2 CT111/12/2016
1715ReillyHealyFirst HernandoU17 B2 CT111/12/2016
1262*Coach Jose RicoChavezLehighU15 BN/ASUSPENDED TIL FURTHER NOTICE11/20/2016
6217*Coach LamatineD'saPinellas County UnitedU13 BUB112/3/2016
1797*Coach BiasOlivoFC TampaU17 BDT112/3/2016
1454SunilMenezesFC TampaU16B2 CT101/14/2017
5849ChanceCampbellBartowU14 BVC201/21/201701/27/2017
1491RobertSwaffordVeniceU18 BVC401/22/201701/28/2017
1491DerekStepinaVeniceU18 BVC401/28/2017
1506BenceOlahPinellas CountyU18 B2 CT101/28/2017
6151BrennaPennacchiCharlotte PremierU14 G2 CT101/28/2017
5850JosephAdderlyFlorida HawksU14 B2 CT101/28/2017
2465AustinMcCulloughNature CoastU19 BVC/AL302/05/2017
5741JuanSanchezEast PascoU14 B2 CT102/05/2017
1176DannyPaniaguaBraden RiverU15 B2 CT102/05/2017
1620JosephSavageWest Florida FlamesU19 BVC403/05/2017
1620JeffreyGreenakerWest Florida FlamesU19 BVC403/05/20173/12/2017
1620JacobLeonPlant CityU19 BVC403/05/20173/12/2017; 3/18/2017; 3/19/2017
1620RichardNegron-QuintanaPlant CityU19 BAL303/05/20173/18/20017; 3/19/2017
5139Brian MontgomeryWest Florida Flames PinellasU13 BVC403/03/2017
5139Charles RobertsFC South Tampa Rangers U13 BVC203/03/2017