9U Developmental League

9U Format, Rules, and Guidelines for 2018-2019
(Developmental League)


7 v 7 (6 field players + goalkeeper)

4 x 10 min. quarters. (water break in between quarters.) 5 min break in between

Score kept. NO standings kept.


Size 4 ball

9U rules apply. (build out lines, offsides,, throw ins, no keeper punts)
6 x 18 goals.

ONE referee to be used. (Due to game times being less than 9U, $25 stipend

Once score reaches a difference of 4 goals, TEAM that is losing by 4 goals, can ADD an extra player, until such time the goal difference is less than 4 goals.

All players will be primarily registered to team.
NO GUEST Players and NO secondary players.
This is an instructional / educational league. Wins mean nothing,
confidence, and education of players are paramount.


This is an educational / instructional type league. Winning isn’t everything.

It is recommended that each player plays 50% of the match.
It is up to the coaches to take this to heart, for player confidence.

Coaches are to instruct parents, and spectators….this is NOT the WORLD CUP.


Referees are to make sure a build out line is in place and visible.

The build out line is to be equidistant between the end line and midfield line.

(no less than 14yrds from the end line)

If no end line is visible,referee is to tell HOME coach to put cones on side line in place of build out line
so as to discern where the line is…

The directive from U.S. Soccer states that “when the goalkeeper has the ball … the opposing team must move behind the build-out line until the ball is put into play.” But the keeper can distribute the ball quickly, accepting the fact that opponents can then challenge for the ball.

This also means when goalkeeper gets control of ball during the run of play, opposing team must retreat to the build out line, and not cross the build out line until the goal keeper has either thrown, rolled, or passed ball to his teammates, and AFTER THE BALL IS OUTSIDE THE PENALTY BOX.

On goal kick situations, the goal keeper puts the ball in play from the goal kick, and the opposing team can
then cross the build  out line ONCE the ball has cleared the PENALTY BOX, NOT once the  ball gets kicked.

SO to summarize….

Defenders are not allowed to cross the Build Out Line, until the ball is outside the penalty box.

      1. Either on goal kick and ball crosses box    OR
      2. When GK is in possession of ball distributes ball and ball is out of the box….THEN players can cross the build out line.
      3. In either scenario, its only the ball crossing the box that allows the players on the build out line in.

    NOT whether the ball is touched by the offensive player.