Meeting Minutes


Wondering What You May Have Missed?

In order to comply with our Bylaws, USA Soccer is required to maintain a record of attendance and to record all pertinent information discussed and voted on, at each monthly meeting of the Association. While we sincerely hope that you will be able to attend each month, this page gives you the opportunity to review the meeting minutes and video recording; maintains a history of the business as it pertains to the league and is a place to “check back” if you just can’t recall what was discussed. Happy reading and thanks for visiting!

2018-2019 Minutes

Oct 14 minutes
Oct 14 recording
USA meeting AGENDA Oct 2018

Sept 9 minutes 
Sept 9 recording
USA meeting AGENDA Sept 2018

2017-2018 Minutes

June 24 minutes
June 24 recording
USA meeting AGENDA June 2018

MAY 20 AGM minutes
May 20 AGM recording
USA meeting AGENDA May AGM 2018

April 8 minutes
April 8 recording
USA meeting AGENDA Apr 2018

March 11 minutes
(no recording)
USA meeting AGENDA Mar 2018

February 11 minutes
February 11 recording
USA meeting AGENDA Feb 2018

January 14 minutes
USA meeting AGENDA Jan 2018

December 10 minutes
December 10 recording

November 19 minutes
November 19 recording
USA meeting AGENDA November 2017

October 8 minutes 
October 8 recording
USA meeting AGENDA October 2017

August 27 minutes
August 27 recording

July 9 recording
USA meeting AGENDA July 2017

2016-2017 Minutes

June 11 minutes
June 11 recording
USA meeting AGENDA June 2017

May 21 AGM minutes
May 21 recording
May AGM Agenda 2017

April 23 minutes
April 23 recording
USA Meeting Agenda Apr 2017

March 12 minutes
March 12 recording
USA Meeting AGENDA Mar 2017

February 12 minutes
February 12 recording
USA Meeting AGENDA Feb 2017

January 18 minutes 
January 18 recording
USA Meeting AGENDA Jan 2017

November 13 minutes
November 13 recording

October 9 minutes

September 11 minutes
September 11 recording

August 21 minutes
August 21 recording

July 10 minutes
July 10 recording

June 8 minutes

2015 -2016 Minutes

May 11 AGM minutes
(no recording for May 11)

Annual Club Rep/DOC Meeting Minutes 2016
Annual Club Rep/DOC Meeting recording

April 13 minutes
(no recording for April 13)

March 9 minutes
March 9 recording

Feb 10 minutes
Feb 10 recording

January 13 minutes
January 13 recording

November 11 minutes
(no recording for Nov 11 due to internet issue)

October 14 minutes
(no recording for Oct 14 due to internet issue)

Sept 9 minutes
Sept 9 recording

Aug 12 minutes
August 12 recording

July 8 2015 Minutes
July 8, 2015 Recording

June 10, 2015 Minutes
June 10, 2015 Recording

2014 -2015 Minutes

May AGM Recording

May AGM Minutes

April Recording

April  Minutes

March Minutes

Annual Planning Session March 1 – recording

February Minutes

February 2015 recording

January  2015 Minutes

January 2015 Recording  Missed recording opening when minutes and financials were approved as posted.

December – No meeting

November 2014 Minutes No Webex recording. Hotel internet and phone line did not work.

October Minutes 2014
October 8 recording

September 12, 2014 Minutes  No webex recording, hotel had no power nor internet when meeting began due to Thunderstorm. When it did come back on it flickered and disconnected us from Webex.

August 13 Webex recording
August Minutes 2014

July 9 meeting  No Webex recording as the sound did not work.

June 11 Webex recording. First few minutes that included approval of the minutes was not recorded.
June Minutes 2014

June 3 Executive Planning Session.

May 14 USA AGM recording No sound first 20 minutes of meeting due to phone line problems.
Minutes-AGM May 2014
AGM Vote Count 2014

DOC meeting WebEx recording

April 2014 WebEx recording
April Minutes 2014

March 2014 WebEx recording
March Minutes 2014

February 2014 WebEx recording
Feb Minutes 2014

January 2014 Webex recording

2013 Minutes


2012 Minutes

DOC Mtg 20120.