Affiliation for 2018-2019 and Got Soccer Set Up.

Preparing for the upcoming season:

  1. Connect to club’s affiliation data on the website and update club’s affiliate contact infoAffiliate for 2018-2019 on the website
  2. Enter your club (not the teams) in the 2018-2019 United Soccer Association event in Got Soccer
  3. Update club’s facility list in the club account so that all fields start with the Club Code and complex name. This is imperative so that USA can connect the referee assignors to the fields.
  4. Be sure that all teams have their names starting with the club.
  5. Complete Got Soccer Team Application.

We are asking for this to be done now so that we can make all the online electronic connections, so that when the season starts this portion will be completed.

Instructions for these 4 important items are below. During the next 2 months USA will be contacting those that have not updated all of this, as we need this info correct to move forward. If NO CHANGES need to be made, please send an email to, so we know that your information is current.

    1. To update affiliate data, the main club contact should go to the club list, find and click on your club name and the public info we have will show. The email address connected with the account is listed. If that is not the correct one send an email to for assistance. The club will be able to update this info any time that there is a change in officers or administrators.
    2. The authorized administrative contact for the club should submit an affiliation form for 2018-2019.  This is done here.
    3. ALL clubs (NO teams; clubs should enter for the teams) need to enter the Got Soccer 2018-2019 United Soccer Association Event.
    4. USA uses Got Soccer to assign referees, and to do that we have to connect the assignors to the fields. Our field list is alphabetical, see example here. If we miss a field for an assignor, games will not have referees assigned.
      • Please review your facility list, and add your club code to the beginning of each field. While doing this update any info that may be useful for referees or the away teams in finding your fields.
      • When viewing this list, you can readily see if your fields have a google map link.
      • For clubs who have fields in more than one district, please identify the field with the District code where the field is located. As an example, if your club is registered in C2 and the field is in C3, start the field name with C3 then the rest of the code. This way we can easily connect the district assignors correctly.
    5. Got Soccer automatically names new teams with the club code and club name. Teams that had old updated accounts just need their names updated.
    6. Again, this is a one time request, as our team list for scheduling etc. is done by the team list in got soccer. It is easy for us to miss teams. If you go to your club tab, team page you will see your team list. Some teams start with the club name, and some with the club code. Please update so that they all start the same, with the club code.