Referee Fees 2022-2023
  9’s-10’s Center $ 50
11’s-12’s Center $ 60 asst $ 40; asst $ 40
13’s-14’s Center $ 70 asst $ 45; asst $ 45
15’s-19’s Center $ 80 asst $ 50; asst $ 50

*Home Team pays the Referee Fees*

Referee Payment Guidelines

A) If a game is scheduled to be played, and for whatever reason is not going to be played as scheduled,
as long as the center referee is notified 48 hrs in advance, referee will NOT be reimbursed by the league.
It will be the duty of the Local Assignor,(club assignor, to notify  the ARs for that game not being played)

B) If the match is cancelled, (Act of God, rain, weather, field closings), and the referees are notified at least
TWO (2) hours before they leave for the match from home or another venue, the refs do not get
paid for the match.

C) If the referees arrive for the match and it is not played for any reason prior to the start of the match (weather, unplayable condition of field, teams don’t show, etc) the refs receive one-half pay.

D) If the referees arrive for the match and a team does not show, a team does not have enough players OR passes are not present, the match is not played and the referees are paid in full. The center referee will
submit a report to the league and the team who failed to follow through is responsible for referee payment (either for a future match or compensate the other club if the league determines it is a forfeit.)

E) If the referees arrive for the match and it starts but has to be abandoned before the first half is concluded (weather, field condition, participant action) and the match can not be finished following a
reasonable delay, the referees receive full pay

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