Updating Affiliate Info

Preparing for 2023-2024

USA Soccer has created an affiliate database that allows affiliates the ability to update their contact info at any time that their club has administrative changes. This is an interactive process where the contact info is entered and is available for all affiliates to see, and we hope that this will encourage communication between our member clubs.

To get started each affiliate’s record is accessed by an email address on file.  The initial email has been sent to that email address so that they can access their private link. If at any time the person whose email address is on file loses the link, it is easily obtainable by going to the club registration page and clicking on the lost link message. https://usa-soccer.org/club-registration/?m=r

Please remember that USA Soccer has only one email address on file, so if the one we have is not correct USA Soccer needs to be contacted at admin1@usa-soccer.org for us to reset it.

Once you have access to your club’s record, please update any info that needs adjusting. If USA Soccer does not have the correct email on file, please send an email to admin1@usa-soccer.org and we will assist you.

Our Public list of clubs will have a link to each club’s data, which will include the link to their website.

2023-2024 USA Annual Affiliation Form United Soccer Association

Full affiliate is a voting member of USA and must attend ALL monthly meetings (Rule 201(e), Any club missing 3 or more meetings WILL NOT be allowed to vote at the AGM and may be subject to fines.

Associate Member – non voting, and must attend all mandatory meetings.

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