ALL  send offs (Red Cards) require a 1 game minimum suspension and it must be served at the next game played.

    • All Red Cards and send offs must be reported by both teams using the USA Send Off Report.
    • It is the coach’s responsibility to be knowledgeable of the rules; to sit a player receiving a suspension and to report it properly, once served.
    • All proof of service requires uploading the Game Report  to Report of Suspension Served.* A follow up email may be sent to Sheri Doback, Administrative Coordinator.

          *TIP:  Most mobile phones take pictures that can be uploaded to this site.


  • Players/coaches MUST sit out the next FYSA sanctioned game, it can be USA league, FYSA sanctioned tournament or cup play.
  • Games must be played to count as serving a suspension, forfeits do NOT count.
  • The game must be be played by the team in which the player is rostered, guest play is not allowed.
  • Players/coaches under red card suspensions CAN NOT participate with any other team in any manner until the suspension is served.
  • Players may not be transferred to another team while under red card suspension.

Link to Minimum Suspensions


FYSA Discipline Minimums

Referee Abuse-Assault

Definition of Offense Codes

Offense Codes

C1 – Unsporting Behavior (UB)
C2 – Dissent by word or action (DT)
C3 – Persistent Infringement (PI)
C4 – Delays restart (DR)
C5 – Fails to respect distance (FRD)
C6 – Enters/Re-enters field (E)
C7 – Deliberately leaves field (L)
S1 – Serious Foul Play (SFP)
S2 – Violent conduct (VC)
S3 – Spits at or on other person (S)
S4 – Denies opportunity by hand ball (DGH)
S5 – Denies opportunity by FK/PK offense (DGF)
S6 – Offensive, insulting or abusive language (AL)
S7 – Second caution in same match (2CT)