All matters regarding league play are governed by the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations that were voted on and approved at the AGM.


Chairperson – President
VP Boys – Senior
VP Boys – Junior
VP Girls


This organization shall be known as the UNITED SOCCER ASSOCIATION, INC., a non-profit public educational organization incorporated in the State of Florida, hereinafter referred to as “USA” or “the Association.”


The purpose of the association shall be to provide a scheduling body for those clubs wishing to affiliate, to promote the welfare of the youth and adults involved in youth soccer; to promote good sportsmanship for and from all involved in youth soccer; to encourage educational courses, clinics and instruction for the purpose of increasing the knowledge and efficiency of those involved in youth soccer, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion or sex; and, to engage in all other acts it may be legally permitted to do.


The representative colors of USA shall be red, white and blue.


This Association shall be affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), through the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA). The area represented by USA is located in Region C of FYSA. This Association may also affiliate with other soccer associations upon vote of the Board of Directors.


The Association shall be governed by its Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations except when these provisions are superseded by the governing authority of the USYSA, or the FYSA.

  1. a) AUTHORITY: The governing authority of USA shall be vested with the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Committee of the Association whose power shall be defined in this Constitution and the By-laws.
  3. c) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall be comprised of the PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENTS, SECRETARY, TREASURER, and the immediate Past President. In addition, the President may, but is not required to, appoint more representatives from member Clubs to serve as full voting AT LARGE members of the Executive Committee, subject to ratification by the full Board of Directors.
  4. d) DECISIONS OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: All decisions of the Executive Committee shall be binding unless over-ridden by the full Board of Directors at the next meeting of the full Board of Directors following the decision of the Executive Committee. At each Board of Directors’ meeting, the President shall announce all Executive Committee decisions made since the last Board of Directors’ meeting.
  1. e) FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS: No elected officer, appointed official, committee chairman, special agent, or any other USA representative may obligate funds of the Association for any reason or cause without the approval of the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors. The executive committee will establish per diem reimbursement amounts for all meals, hotel rooms, mileage reimbursements (for use of personal vehicle) and any other travel reimbursement that may be required by a Board member before each seasonal year.


  1. a) MEMBERSHIP BY CLUBS: Membership in USA may be by either affiliated clubs or associated clubs membership. All clubs wishing to compete in the USA league must elect to be either affiliated or associated members on or before the date of registration of teams in league play.
  2. b) MEMBERSHIP PROCEDURES: The Executive Committee will establish the procedures, rules, and fees required for USA affiliation, to be ratified at any regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.
  3. c) ADHERENCE TO THE RULES: All members and affiliated clubs shall abide by the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations and amendments thereto, as well as those of the USYSA, FYSA, AND ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION with which this Association is affiliated.
  4. d) MANDATORY REGISTRATION: All member clubs and clubs that affiliate with USA must register their players, playing in the USA league, with FYSA.

All TEAMS must register with USA through their respective clubs.


The Annual General Meeting shall occur before the end of June for the purpose of electing officers and to transact any other business which shall come before the meeting, including, but not limited to, the amendment of the Constitution, Bylaws and/or the Rules and Regulations of this Association. The FYSA Region C Vice President shall be notified of the time and place of the Annual General Meeting.


  1. a) CLUB VOTING:

Each affiliated club in good standing shall receive one (1) vote for each team affiliated with this Association when voting on changes in the Constitution and Bylaws. Only clubs that have affiliated with USA prior to the start of the season shall be eligible to vote at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

On all matters not specifically described in 08-a-1 above, each affiliated club in good standing shall receive one (1) vote. Each affiliated club may exercise their vote on matters affecting only the Girls program, only if the club has at least one girls team entered in USA.

  1. a) INDIVIDUAL VOTING: Each member of the Executive Committee shall be entitled to one (1) vote. The President may vote only in the case of a tie.
  2. b) PROXY: A Club President may assign his vote by written PROXY, which must be submitted to the Secretary before voting. Such proxy may be good for the year.
  3. c) ASSUMPTION OF OFFICE: The newly elected officers will assume office immediately following their election at the Annual General Meeting at which they were elected.
  4. d) GOOD STANDING: For purposes of eligibility to vote, good standing shall mean that the Club has i) paid all fees, fines and assessments owed to the Association; ii) maintained the requirements of Section 101(a) of the Bylaws; and iii) has otherwise complied with the Constitution, Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations of the Association.


  1. a) TIMING: Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of USA will be made at the Annual General Meeting, unless otherwise specified below or in the Bylaws of this Association.
  2. b) ADOPTION: An amendment shall be deemed adopted by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the voting membership as defined in the Bylaws that are present and voting.
  3. c) PROPOSALS TO AMEND THE CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS: Proposals made by the Executive Committee shall be posted on the USA website at least 10 days in advance of the meeting. Proposals may be submitted by any other member club representative and shall be submitted to the Executive Committee no later than the last meeting prior to the AGM to the Executive Committee meeting for posting on the USA website. When the President determines that an emergency situation exists, he may entertain motions to amend the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association at any time. After ten (10) calendar days, these motions may be voted on at any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors.
  4. d) RULES AND REGULATIONS: Rules and Regulations may be amended at any regular meeting provided written notice of the proposed amendments have been distributed at the immediately preceding regular meeting or mailed to all members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which the vote will take place.



  1. a) MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR AFFILIATION: A club may be either affiliated or associated one seasonal year upon request, and upon application by and acceptance of any of its teams for scheduling by USA, and compliance with the following;

Payment of all fees;

Documentation of Affiliation with FYSA;

Sufficient number of qualified referees to adequately officiate club games;

Any additional conditions or fees contained in these Bylaws or which the Board of Directors may impose for individual teams and/or clubs as a result of prior violations of the letter or the spirit of the USA Constitution, Bylaws or Rules and Regulations.

Associated membership shall be defined as non-voting members of USA. Clubs electing the Associated Club membership will not be required to attend monthly meetings other than the annual coaches meeting and will have no voting rights.

  1. a) FEES: All USA team fees shall be payable at a time determined by the Executive Committee. Teams/ Clubs may not be eligible for any scheduled competition sanctioned by the Association unless all fees are paid.
  2. b) CLUBS HAVING THREE (3) OR FEWER TEAMS: Clubs having three (3) or fewer teams affiliated with FYSA (regardless of the number registered with USA) may be required to post a performance bond in an amount to be determined by the Executive Committee, to insure full compliance with all Rules and Regulations and to insure said teams complete all required matches.
  3. c) FIELDS: Clubs must have home fields and goals which comply with the sizes required by FYSA, or, if more restrictive, as set forth by the Executive Committee. USA reserves the right to inspect the home fields of any affiliate and, should a majority of the Executive Committee determine that said field(s) are unplayable or unsafe, require that affiliate to play all of its games as “away” games. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final on this issue. Home fields for all affiliates must be located within FYSA Region C except for specific exemption granted by the board. The Executive Committee may establish central sites at any location in Region C for league play for any Age Group or Division.


All bank checks, drafts and money orders submitted to the Association shall be made payable to UNITED SOCCER ASSOCIATION or USA. No cash transactions will be accepted. Checks should be “Club” checks from FYSA affiliated clubs. The Executive Committee may establish procedures for payment over the internet or through Got Sport or any other board approved payment procedure.


For the purpose of administration, the seasonal year for USA operations and activities is defined as commencing July 1 and ending June 30th annually.


  1. a) PRESIDENT: The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and shall preside at all USA meetings and may vote only in the case of a tie; appoint standing committees and their chair annually; and perform all other responsibilities as directed by the Board of Directors.
  2. b) VICE PRESIDENT SENIOR BOYS: The Vice President Senior Boys shall, in the absence of the President, perform all duties of the President; shall act as the Senior Boys director (U-15 thru U-19) and preside at all Senior Boys meetings; and, shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the President, the Executive Committee, or the Board of Directors.
  3. c) VICE PRESIDENT JUNIOR BOYS: The Vice President Junior Boys shall, in the absence of the President and the Vice President Senior Boys, perform all duties of the President, shall act as the Junior Boys Director (U-9 thru U-14) and preside at all Junior Boys meetings; and, shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the President, the Executive Committee, or the Board of Directors.
  4. d) VICE PRESIDENT GIRLS: The Vice President Girls shall, in the absence of the President, the Vice President Senior Boys and the Vice President Junior Boys, perform all duties of the President; shall act as the Girls Director and preside at all girls meetings and, shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the President, the Executive Committee, or the Board of Directors.
  5. e) VICE PRESIDENT ADMINISTRATION: the Vice President of Administration is a paid position, they report directly to the Executive Committee and are appointed by the Executive Committee on a yearly basis. Remuneration will be set yearly by the executive committee. The Vice President of Administration and Administrative Coordinator will be responsible for all administrative activities USA undertakes. The particular duties include but are not limited to; maintaining accurate electronic records of all meetings, handle business correspondence, provide notice of all meetings as required, maintain files of the Association and post the meeting minutes on the USA website. They shall maintain records and receipts of all monies received by the Association and deposit same in a recognized bank or other financial institution in the name of the Association; they shall assure that all accounts are paid in a timely manner (The President and Treasurer of USA at all times, will have unfettered access to all banking relationships, bank information and all accounting reports). The Vice President of Administration shall oversee and coordinate all Association meetings and special events, programs and projects. They are expected to attend all U.S.A. Board and Executive Committee meetings as a non-voting member. VP of Administration is also responsible for overseeing and coordinating all scheduling of league play, maintaining game results and standings, maintaining records of sanctions and keeping track of all yellow and red cards issued in league play. They will be the principle coordinating person between the Board and the Referee Assignors. They are in charge of the efficient and high quality audio and visual transmission of all meetings to all U.S.A. members. In addition, the Vice President of Administration shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to them by the President, the Executive Committee, or the Board of Directors.
  6. f) SECRETARY: The Secretary shall supervise and verify the accuracy of all Associations records, correspondence and legal notifications between Association and any outside entities the Executive Committee deemed necessary.
  7. g) TREASURER: The Treasurer shall maintain records and receipts of all monies received by the Association and deposit same in a recognized bank or other financial institution in the name of the Association; shall obtain the specific approval of the Executive Committee for any non-budget expenditure in excess of $500.00; shall produce all financial records when required by the Executive Committee to be properly balanced and to reflect the financial status of the Association; shall submit a financial report summary at each scheduled meeting and a written financial report at the Annual General Meeting of the Association; shall be responsible for preparing any and all financial documents required by the State of Florida or related to the tax exempt status of the Association.
  8. h) Administrative Coordinator: is a paid position, appointed by the executive committee on a yearly basis. The Administrative Coordinator will work directly with the Vice President of Administration to support all the administrative duties carried out by the Vice President of Administration. The Administrative Coordinator will work directly under, and be supervised by, the Vice President of Administration. Administrative Coordinator works for the Executive Committee and as such, all duties assigned to them by the Administrative Vice President will be subsumed under the auspices of and approval of the Executive Board.
  9. i) RESIGNATION, DEMISE OR REMOVAL: In the event of the resignation, demise, removal or permanent incapacitation of any officer or appointee, the Executive Committee or President, as applicable, shall appoint a replacement to fill the un-expired term.
  10. j) ADVERSE CONDUCT: Conduct prejudicial to the best interests of the objectives of the Association, excessive absences from monthly meetings and USA board related activities (Coaches organizational meetings, planning meetings etc) or nonfeasance, misfeasance, or malfeasance with regards to official USA duties will be cause for removal of a member of the Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee, provided that such allegations are brought to the Board of Directors and that the member so charged is notified of the allegations in writing, hand delivered or postmarked at least fourteen (14) days in advance of any meeting where such allegations are to be discussed or acted upon. Any member of the Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee who is arrested by law enforcement officials or indicted for commission of any felony, as defined by the laws of Florida, shall be automatically suspended until said charges are resolved or until his term expires and the President shall appoint a temporary replacement for the suspended member.
  11. k) VOTING: No member of the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee may vote on any disciplinary matter or protest involving any player, coach, team or affiliate involving his home club.
  12. l) TERM OF OFFICE: Each elected officer shall hold the office for a term of two years. The President, Vice President Senior Boys and Secretary elected in odd numbered years and the Vice President Junior Boys, Vice President Girls and Treasurer elected in even numbered years. Members appointed to elected Executive Committee Board positions shall serve until the position they were appointed to is scheduled for re-election. All Executive Committee appointments to non-elected positions will serve for one year.


  1. a) REGULAR MEETINGS: Regular meetings of USA shall be held at least monthly at a time and place determined by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may cancel any monthly meeting upon notice to the Board of directors. Each Club President, or his or her proxy, shall attend all regular meetings, either in person or via electronic means provided by USA. Each proxy shall be delivered to the Association on a form approved by the Association.
  2. b) ANNUAL MEETING: Annual Meetings shall be as set forth in the Constitution.
  3. c) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETINGS: The Executive Committee shall meet on a regular basis, whenever the President deems it necessary, or whenever the President is instructed in writing to do so by at least two (2) members of the Executive Committee.
  4. d) QUORUM: At all meetings of the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee a Quorum shall be a majority of those entitled to appear and vote.
  5. e) RULES OF ORDER: Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the Parliamentary authority for all meetings of the Association unless otherwise agreed to by the membership or required by the USA Constitution, Bylaws or Rules and Regulations.
  6. f) MEETING LOCATIONS: Except for occasional special events and annual coaches meetings, all league meetings shall be held online, including the AGM, with meeting login details posted on the USA website.


  1. a) STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRMANSHIPS AND COORDINATORS: The President shall annually appoint the following, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee;

Chairman of the Rules and Regulations Committee

Chairman of the Protests and Appeals Committee

Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee

  1. b) COMMITTEES: Whenever the President deems it necessary, or when instructed to do so by the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors, he shall appoint AT LARGE members to a committee and instruct the Chairman to convene the committee as soon as possible to deal with the assigned issue. When the committee has reached a decision on the assigned issue, it will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee and the AT LARGE members will be excused.
  2. c) DISCHARGE: Each Standing Committee Chairperson and Coordinator shall be discharged annually at the end of the Annual General Meeting in May. Standing Committee Chairpersons and Coordinators may be re-appointed.


  1. a) PROCEDURE: All protest and appeals shall be filed with the person duly appointed by the Association to receive such appeals and protests, together with a filing fee in the form of a check or money order payable to the Association in the amount of $100. In the event the protest or appeal involves another member, the person filing the appeal shall also serve a copy of the protest to the Club President of the member. In the event the protest or appeal is granted in all or part, the filing fee shall be refunded to the person or member who filed the appeal or protest.
  2. b) MATTERS SUBJECT TO APPEAL OR PROTEST: Only matters which relate to the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of the Association; disciplinary actions imposed in league play, results of competitions sanctioned by the Association, specifically published rules for a competition, the misapplication of the LAWS OF THE GAME or matters relating to the Bylaws and Rules of FYSA shall be subject to Appeal and/or Protest. Judgment calls of the referee are not subject to appeal or protest.
  3. c) HEARING AND NOTICE: The Executive Committee of the Association shall hear all protest and appeals. The Association shall provide notice of the time, date and place of the hearing to the person or member that filed the appeal or protest and any other affected member at least five (5) days prior to the hearing. Service on a member shall be made upon the Club President. Any notice may be made by e-mail, facsimile or mail. All hearings shall be conducted informally, unless otherwise required by the Bylaws or Rules of FYSA. All interested parties shall have the right to present evidence prior to any decision by the Executive Committee.
  4. d) APPEALS FROM DECISIONS OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Any decisions of the Executive Committee are subject to review by the Board of Directors at its next regularly scheduled meeting, but only if an interested party notifies the President of the Association and all other interested parties at least five (5) days prior to such regularly scheduled meeting. Such notice may be made by e-mail, facsimile, or mail.

Any interested party may appeal a decision of the Board of Directors for a decision by the Affiliates at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, but only if an interested party notifies the President of the Association and all other interested parties, at least ten (10) days prior to such annual meeting. Such notice may be made by e-mail, facsimile, or mail.

  1. e) APPEALS FROM THE DECISIONS OF THE ASSOCIATION: Only those matters subject to the jurisdiction of the FYSA may be appealed to the FYSA and only to the Bylaws and Rules of the FYSA.
  2. f) LIMITATIONS OF CIVIL ACTIONS, COSTS AND ATTORNEY FEES: No member, member or either the Affiliate or Associate, player, parent, official, team, club, referee or other person or entity shall invoke the aid of any court or tribunal without first exhausting all of the available remedies provided herein and by the Bylaws and Rules of the FYSA.

If any such member, member or either the Affiliate or Associate, player, parent, official, team, club, referee or other person or entity (hereinafter referred to as the “Offending Party”) fails to exhaust such available remedies before seeking the aid of any court or tribunal, the Offending Party shall pay the Association its reasonable expenses including attorney fees and compensate any officer or the Association at the rate of $40/hour for the time spent that is reasonably related to such court or tribunal proceeding including travel expenses. The Offending Party may be subject to suspension from the Association and any other discipline as permitted by the Bylaws and Rules of the Association.


The Executive Committee shall have the vested responsibility, right and authority to:

Reprimand, suspend, bar completely or otherwise discipline any player, coach, team manager, or assistant coach and/or any affiliated team or club for violations of the USA or FYSA Constitutions, Bylaws, or Rules and Regulations unless the full Board of Directors acts to modify or rescind the disciplinary measures within 45 days of the Executive Committee decision.

The Executive Committee shall have the right to completely bar, suspend or otherwise reprimand or sanction any member club for cause. This could include but not limited to missing excessive league games without credible excuses, excessive or repeated incidents of offensive, unsportsmanlike or violent conduct by coaches, players or spectators associated with that club. Any conduct that the Executive Committee deems to be not in the best interests of the league or youth soccer in general.

Interpret and enforce the USA Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations.

Budget for and administer the FUNDS of the Association.

Adopt TEMPORARY RULES and REGULATIONS for situations not provided for by the Constitution, By-Laws or existing Rules and Regulations; or deemed necessary and desirable in order to serve the best interests and objectives of the Association.


Should the UNITED SOCCER ASSOCIATION be dissolved, all assets remaining after payment of all debts shall be transferred to an appropriate organization for the express purpose of developing and promoting amateur youth soccer.



  1. a) The Rules and Regulations and operating procedures contained herein shall govern all affiliated or associated members of the United Soccer Association (USA). The United Soccer Association adopts the FYSA Rules of Competition and should any of these rules conflict with the FYSA Rules, and be less restrictive than the FYSA Rules, the FYSA rules shall prevail.
  2. b) VIOLATORS: Any player, coach, team manager, club, league official, or official of this Association determined to have violated the Constitution, By-Laws, or Rules and Regulation of the USA shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Executive Committee pursuant to Section 1.08 of the Bylaws, subject to review of the USA Board of Directors.
  3. c) RESPONSIBILITY: Each team is responsible for the action and personal conduct of its team members, team manager, coach, parents and spectators; and is additionally responsible to ensure that its actions ON and OFF the field do not bring discredit upon the team or this Association, as per FYSA Code of Ethics.
  4. d) FURTHER RESPONSIBILITY: All USA affiliated club officials are responsible for governing the conduct and actions of those individuals associated with their organizations.
  5. e) BOARD MEETINGS: Three absences from Regular Meetings of the board of Directors by an affiliated club during the year proceeding the Annual General Meeting that are un-excused by the Executive Committee shall result in that club being in bad standing and ineligible to vote at the AGM. The club may regain good standing and eligibility to vote by paying the fine for missed absences as set by the Executive Committee.


  1. a) DEFINITION: For purpose of definition, the Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations of this Association apply to FYSA and USA affiliated amateur youth players on teams within age groups up to NINETEEN (19) years. “YOUTH” shall refer to any player who has not attained his/her NINETEENTH (19) birthday before the LAST DAY OF DECEMBER (12/31) of the seasonal year in which he/she applies for registration.
  2. b) AGE GROUPS: Age groups shall be as determined by FYSA and/or USYSA rules and regulations.
  3. c) FORMAT:

Under 9 7v7 Competitive format

Under 9 7v7 Competitive format (upcoming 6 & 7 yr olds/developmental)

Under 10 7v7 Competitive format

Under 11 9v9 competitive format

Under 12 9v9 competitive format

Under 13 thru Under 19 11v11 competitive format


  1. a) REGISTRATION REQUIRED: All players on teams affiliated with USA are required to be properly registered with FYSA.
  2. b) DOCUMENTATION: Each team shall complete and submit to USA:

USA will only accept teams from properly USA and FYSA affiliated member clubs in good standing.

A bond, if required by action of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and/or the Bylaws.

All teams must have pictures in their team account for all players, coaches and staff members.

  1. c) TEAMS WITH SAME NAMES: All teams that have the same club name must be separately identified by either a numerical suffix or a different team name. The same club name/team name combination may not be used for more than one team in the same age group.
  2. d) RESPONSIBILITY: Each team/club shall be responsible for assuring the accurate and proper registration of players, affiliation of teams and the proper account of fiscal transactions.
  3. e) DOCUMENT FALSIFICATION: Falsification of player registration form, team roster forms, or other records of the FYSA or the USA shall be subject to DISCIPLINARY ACTION, up to and including permanent suspension of the individual(s) involved.
  4. f) IGNORANCE OF THE LAW: A plea of ignorance to the Constitution, By-Laws, or Rules and Regulations of this Association is not deemed a sufficient defense, and violators will be required to account for their actions to the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors.
  5. g) PLAYER PASSES/COACHING PASSES: ALL players and coaches should have a valid laminated FYSA player pass available for inspection at the time of team check-in along with proper team game card to participate in a USA Game. Should a player or coach participate in a game and not be properly registered (Every player needs birth certificate uploaded and player can be verified by USA before playing. If there is a challenge and birth certificate is proven to be invalid, then the CLUB registrar is at fault, which means the Club is at fault and can ultimately lose their affiliation with USA and FYSA), or possess a pass as required herein, his/her team shall automatically forfeit the contest 3-0 to the opposing team, and may be subject to disciplinary action by the Executive Committee of the Association, depending on the circumstances of the violation.
  6. h) A club will be subject to a $300.00 fine per game for any team which fails to complete all league games without forfeits, up to $1000.00.
  7. h) At the discretion of the Board of Directors, a club can be subject to a $300.00 fine per game for any team which fails to complete all scheduled matches, up to $1000.00.


  1. a) The USA Executive board will govern all player and Team Administration rules.
  2. b) TEAM ROSTER:

No team shall have more than eighteen (18) players in U-13 age group; no more than twenty (22) players in the U-14 thru U19 age groups; no more than 16 players in U-11 and U-12 age groups. The U-9 & U10 age groups will have no more than twelve (12) players per each team. U-14 thru U-19 age groups must submit a game day game card listing only eighteen (18) players for participation to the referee prior to the starting of the match. ALL players should be pre-printed on the game card. Once a team checks in for a game, there will be no changes to the game card. Any challenges to any player eligibility must be made before the game starts, and will not require a protest fee. Referee will notate challenge on the game card and submit to USA, as well as notate challenge in the online game report. A team requesting USA scheduling shall have a minimum 11 registered players for age groups U-13 thru U-19; 8 registered players for age group U-11 – U 12. For the U-9 & U-10 age groups must have a minimum of 6 players for each team.

An official State Roster, reflecting the team’s then current players shall be the one designated by FYSA.

During regular league play, a player may only play with his/her primary team, with the exception of a player who is a club pass player as defined by subsection below. NO Guest Players or secondary registered players are allowed to play.

During regular season play and for all age groups, a U-11 through U-19 team may have up to 5 club pass players from within the team’s Club, in conformance with the specific rules adopted by the Board of Directors from time to time and posted on the website and subject to the following:

Club pass Players will be listed as club pass players on the Game Card; Club pass Players must have a valid player’s pass and must be the appropriate age.

USA conforms to the FYSA recommendation regarding limitation on players participating in multiple games on the same day.

All players in any USA supported contest should be verified and meet all age requirements set forth in FYSA rules. Any player older than FYSA Guidelines age group rules will be automatically excluded from the match. Players “playing up” should conform to FYSA guidelines pertaining to “playing up”. That is, players who are younger than the age group may be rostered with playing in the match.

Any unusual circumstances will be adjudicated by Executive Committee if necessary.


  1. a) APPLICABILITY: These rules apply to general competition among USA teams and clubs.
  2. b) PURPOSE: The intent and purpose is to insure that player registration, team/club affiliation, age grouping, as defined previously; as well as general rules of play, player equipment, disciplinary and other actions are applied UNIFORMLY and consistently among all affiliates, thus attaining standardization throughout this Association.

206 RULES of PLAY:

  1. a) GENERAL: Except where modified herein, Rules of Play shall be FIFA “Laws of the Game.” Competition sanctioned by this Association shall abide by the “Laws of the Game ” along with any modifications or regulations of the FYSA or USA.
  2. b) BEHAVIOR: Officials, directors, and coaches of both teams are RESPONSIBLE to ensure that teams, coaches, fans, and spectators conduct themselves in a proper and respectful manner.

There shall be no ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES allowed on or near the playing field during any game under this Association’s jurisdiction.

  1. c) THE FIELD:

The home team will be responsible for the CONDITIONS of the grounds, field markings, and equipment.

Nets and corner flags are REQUIRED. GOALS MUST BE ANCHORED!

The referee assigned for that particular game shall determine the PLAYABLE CONDITION of the field. If the game cannot be played due to UNPLAYABLE CONDITIONS, the HOME TEAM is responsible for notifying their Club Commissioner or scheduler so that the game may be rescheduled.

It is the responsibility of the VISITING TEAM’S COACH to determine the directions to the playing field and to confirm times each week.

PLAYERS and COACHES of BOTH teams shall be on the same side of the field prior to and during the entire match. A COACH must be present from each team during the entire match. SPECTATORS shall be on the OPPOSITE side. Spectators are not allowed on the playing field until BOTH TEAMS LEAVE THE FIELD.


Shall be as determined by FYSA and USYSA.

It shall be the responsibility of BOTH TEAMS to have an appropriate game ball.

The referee shall be responsible for the selection of the game ball(s).


ALL players and coaches affiliated with USA shall have a Valid VERIFIED, laminated, FYSA PLAYER PASS, or a FYSA COACHING PASS in order to participate in USA scheduled competition.

Individual Presentation: All players and team staff shall individually present their player pass to the referee prior to the start of the game. Referee will hold passes during the course of the game.

Pass Disposition: Player and coaches passes are to be RETURNED to the team manager or coach at the conclusion of the game.

Failure to Produce a Pass: If a player/coach does not present a player pass to the referee prior to the game, he/she shall not participate in the game, and coaches may be asked to LEAVE the TEAM BENCH area by the referee. Minor players must stay with the team, unless the player’s parents or guardians are present.

Red Cards: The Player or Coaching Pass of a player or coach who was ejected shall no longer be retained by the Referee, but the Referee will report the information from the Player or Coaching Pass in the online game report.  Both teams will notify USA of the players or coach who was ejected via the Send off form in order to expedite processing of suspensions. The league shall either assign the number of games of suspension if the minimum is assigned, or convene the Disciplinary Committee for any other proposed suspension.  If no assessment of penalty is effectively communicated from USA to either club, team or coach before the team’s next matach, player that received the red card is disqualified and must sit out a minimum of the next USA match.


Contrasting Colors: Where colors of competing teams are IDENTICAL or SIMILAR, the designated visiting team must effect a CHANGE of COLORS distinct from their opponents.

Goalkeeper’s Uniform: ALL goalkeepers must wear a RECOGNIZABLE jersey, which shall not be the same color as either team’s uniform shirts.

Uniform Numbers: Player’s uniform numbers are to be affixed to the back of the uniform shirt. No TWO PLAYERS from ONE TEAM may have an IDENTICAL UNIFORM NUMBER while both are playing on the field at the same time. Numbers must be a minimum of six (6) inches in height.

Illegal Equipment: In accordance with the “Laws of the Game,” the referee shall be responsible to insure that no player wears anything which may cause INJURY to himself or to another player.

Casts and Braces: Players wearing an ORTHOPEDIC CAST (plaster or fiberglass) shall not be ELIGIBLE to participate in ANY GAME. Orthopedic Braces may be allowed if:

  1. a) The player has a written statement from a physician stating that he/she feels the brace is necessary and that no further injury is likely to occur to the joint which is supported by the brace, AND; b) The parent has signed a waiver to free FYSA of any claim against FYSA and its insurance company in case of further injury to the joint protected with the brace.
  2. c) A player may be removed from the game if at any time the referee determines a player is using or attempting to use the brace to injure another player.

Protective Equipment: ALL PLAYERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR PROTECTIVE SHIN GUARDS (to be worn beneath their game socks) at all times while actively participating in PRACTICE or a GAME. Such shin guards shall be of the type and style of protective athletic equipment specifically designed to protect the player’s lower leg (SHIN BONE).

FOOTWEAR: Footwear will meet all of the requirements of LAW IV of FIFA “LAWS of the GAME” including matching socks for all field players, excluding goalkeepers. The referee is charged with the responsibility to inspect footwear prior to the kickoff and later if necessary. The referee shall determine whether or not footwear meets the required standards of safety.


USA will contract with certified assignors to assign the center referees for games for U11- U19. These assignors will be paid $10.00 per game, based upon the number of completed game reports and game cards submitted. Affiliated clubs will provide assistant referees for U11- U19, and will assign center referees for U9-U10. Got Sport will be the preferred software for all referee assigning to assure that certified and FYSA background-checked referees are assigned. Clubs are responsible per FYSA rules for having a certified assignor. Payment for referees will be the responsibility of the home team, fess will be set yearly by the Board of Directors.

Report Forms and Roster Card: The referee shall require that both teams enter ALL the appropriate information on the league game report Got Soccer Game Card prior to the start of the game and both coaches shall sign the Game Card at the end of the game, verifying the accuracy of the information entered on the form. The coaches from both teams shall supply copies of the Got Sport game card.

Verification of Documents: The referee shall verify the identity of each player by his/her PLAYER PASS and shall collect the passes of those players who intend to participate.

Player Eligibility: The referee will allow participation of only those players whose names appear on the Got Sport Game Card, and for whom he/she has collected player passes.

Equipment Check: The referee shall check and make certain that each player’s equipment is in proper order.

Post-Game Actions: Upon completion of the game, the referee shall RETURN the player and coaching passes to the respective coaches or team managers. The referee will retain the Got Sport game card, presented at check-in and if able to, upload the game card via Got Sport or forward these documents to USA via email at usagamereports.com. The referee will file the Got Sport game report ONLINE within 48 hours of the game.

Cautioned and Ejected Players/infraction Report: In games where the referee was USA assigned and a player or coach was CAUTIONED (Yellow Carded) or EJECTED (Red Carded), the referee will complete the Got Sport online game report and include the supplemental report information in the incidents section.

Other Incidents: It is the referee’s responsibility via his game report, to report any unusual incident created by PLAYERS, COACHES, or SPECTATORS. Referees will report any injury where the player is attended on the field by the coach.

Referee Absence: In the event the assigned referee fails to appear, the coaches of the respective teams may find and must agree on an alternate and the GAME shall be PLAYED OFFICIALLY as SCHEDULED. If the coaches cannot agree then the game shall be rescheduled. Once the coaches agree and the game is started, the game must be completed.

Number of Referees: 7v7 games shall have one referee. 9v9 and 11v11 games shall have a center referee and two assistant referees.

Referee Failure: Failure of a Referee to abide by procedures set forth above shall not invalidate any game or the effect of any cards issued during the game.

Referee Payment Guidelines:

  1. A) If a game is scheduled to be played, and for whatever reason is not going to be played as scheduled, as long as the center referee is notified 48 hrs in advance, referee will NOT be reimbursed by the league. It will be the duty of the Local Assignor, (club assignor), to notify the ARs for that game not being played.
  2. B) If the match is cancelled, (Act of God, rain, weather, field closings), and the referees are notified at least TWO (2) hours before they leave for the match from home or another venue, the refs do not get paid for the match.
  3. C) If the referees arrive for the match and it is not played for any reason prior to the start of the match (weather, unplayable condition of field, teams don’t show, etc) the refs receive one-half pay.
  4. D) If the referees arrive for the match and a team does not show, a team does not have enough players OR passes are not present, the match is not played and the referees are paid in full. The center referee will submit a report to the league and the team who failed to follow through is responsible for referee payment (either for a future match or compensate the other club if the league determines it is a forfeit.)
  5. E) If the referees arrive for the match and it starts but has to be abandoned before the first half is concluded (weather, field condition, participant action) and the match cannot be finished following a reasonable delay, the referees receive full pay.

GIRLS SOCCER-USE OF ARMS: Girls may use their arms, in a defensive manner for the protection of their UPPER THORAX.


Procedure: Players may be substituted only during a stoppage of the game, and then, only with the consent of the referee. The number of substitutions shall be unlimited and may be made at the following times:

Prior to a throw-in in your favor.

Prior to a goal kick by either team.

After a goal has been scored by either team.

After an injury by either team, when the referee has stopped play.

Between periods.

Following a game stoppage for a CAUTION, the player cautioned may be substituted with the consent of the referee.

Substituted Player: A player who has been removed by substitution may re-enter the game.

Red Card: No substitute is allowed for any player EJECTED (Red Carded) by the referee.

COACHING: Coaching from the sideline, the purpose of which is to provide direction to one’s own team on positioning and points of strategy, is conditionally permitted as followed:

Bench Area: Coaches and player substitutes must remain on the bench or in the immediate vicinity of the team’s bench while the game is in progress. The Bench Area may only contain up to three (3) FYSA registered non-player personnel for the team. This includes all coaches, trainers and medical personnel. In the event an injured player requires medical treatment, a medical person may come over to treat the injured player in the Bench Area. Once treatment is completed the medical person must leave the Bench Area.

Mechanical Devices: Coaches may not utilize mechanical devices, such as voice amplifiers.

Limitations: Coaches may provide limited direction to their players in a manner that is intended to be instructional, or informative as to player positioning or team strategy. COACHES SHALL NOT ATTEMPT TO DIRECT A PLAYER’S EVERY MOVE ON THE FIELD DURING THE GAME.

Ungentlemanly Conduct: Coaches, players or player substitutes shall not use profanity or make insulting or otherwise derogatory remarks or gestures to their own team, the opposing team, the referees, or to the spectators. Cases of UNRULY and/or DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR will be reported, by the referee, to the applicable USA Vice President for action and may result in suspension or expulsion as determined by the Executive Committee and/or the Board of Directors.

Enticing ill behavior: Coaches, players, or player substitutes shall not, by their remarks or gestures, in any manner ENTICE DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR.

Punitive Measures: Coaches, players, or player substitutes violating the above rules will be subject to ejection, as well as to further disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee and/or the Board of Directors.

Coaches Only: Only registered personnel may coach from within the Bench Area. No parents, spectators or other individuals may coach players at any time during the game.

Red Card (Send-off) Suspensions: It shall be the duty of the Coach to assure that any player or coach under suspension for a red card or send-off shall not participate for the required number of games. This includes, no player being allowed to club pass, while under suspension. The Coach shall assure that the game card reflects that any player/coach serving a suspension is noted thereon. Coach is required to submit game card to USA for player suspension list to be updated. Additionally, any player receiving 4 yellow cards, will be automatically suspended for one game, and served immediately and it shall be the duty of the Coach to assure that any player or coach under suspension for a yellow card or send off shall not participate for the required number of games. If the coach is serving a send-off, the following procedures apply:

Either suspended coach, or assistant coach address the referee before the match, to let the referee know the coach is serving a suspension.

Make sure that referee notes on game card that Coach is suspended and IS sitting out this match and that referee signs the game card.

Suspended coach may have NO contact with team on the field, before, during, or after the match at the game site.

Make sure referee makes a written note to ADD Coach suspension on online game report in Got Sport.

Once game is completed, send copy of your game card with referee noting suspension being served to [email protected] include game date and game number or upload via USA website.

Absolutely NO COACHING from any other position at the game. If referee finds you coaching from other sideline, he may write you up, and additional game suspensions may be added.

POST-GAME PROCEDURES: Both coaches are required to retain a copy of all their game cards until the end of the season of play.

CLUB OFFICIAL: Each home team shall have a designated Field Marshall for all league games, readily identifiable by special clothing. The Field Marshall shall assist the referee in fixing any equipment problems and shall assist in spectator control. The Field Marshall shall report to the Club, which shall report to the USA League, any altercations or incidents and the action taken to resolve. The Field Marshall should not attempt to become physically involved in any altercation, but in the event of such altercation, shall call the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.


The build outline will be created to extend the width of the field midway between the halfway line   and the top of the penalty area.

Goalkeepers are NOT allowed to distribute the ball VIA Punt or Drop kick. Violation will result in an INDIRECT FREE KICK to the opposing team at the TOP of the penalty box.

Goalkeepers may distribute the ball by either throwing it or putting the ball on the ground and dribbling or passing out of the box.

No kicks from the keeper or Goal kicks may NOT travel in the air past the halfway line (must hit on side of own field before half). If the ball travels over the half-line in the air, the opposing team is awarded an INDIRECT FREE KICK where it crosses the line.

Once the keeper gains possession of the ball ALL other team’s players MUST retreat beyond the build out line. The ball is in play once it is TOUCHED by a player of the same team or the Goalkeeper plays the ball on the ground, or the ball crosses the build out line.

GOAL KICKS: The ball is in play on a Goal Kick once it is kicked and moved.

If the Goalkeeper quickly starts before the opposing team retreats beyond the build outline the ball is live. NO build outline violation.

USYSA has stated that players NOT attaining 11 yrs of age are NOT allowed to head the ball.

Violation is…Indirect Kick from spot of ball being headed..IF headed in the penalty box, ball is placed at the spot of where ball was headed..NO CLOSER than the 6yd box.
USA league has decided to have no HEADING of any kind by players in 12U and down,

whether they have attained 11yrs old or not.  NO HEADING PERMITTED in USA LEAGUE 12U and down.



Disciplinary actions shall follow the rules adopted by FYSA.


Preliminary schedules will be sent to the teams/clubs at the start of the season for review. Teams/Clubs will have a few weeks to review the proposed schedule.  (VP of Admin will specify when filled out schedules need to be returned). In the event a match day/time is unacceptable, then an immediate request must be made to the opposing team/club. The Home club can change the date and update Got Sport, if both teams agree, during the draft rescheduling period as long as the rescheduled game has a specific date and that date fits into limits the board has established for that age group’s seasonal year.  If teams cannot reach an agreement, they shall notify the VP Admin who will assist.

  1. a) FAILURE TO APPEAR: All games are to be played at date and time and at the field locations indicated on the published schedules. No games will be moved, unless the procedure for game reschedules is followed. NO team may make arrangements to move a game other than by using the Got Sport game change request process, once schedules are finalized.
  2. b) Game change requests, where both coaches agree, made more than 3 weeks in advance of the game date and entered in Got Sport, as long as the reschedule date and time is acceptable to the league, will be approved. Any reschedule request within 21 days that has both teams approval may be rescheduled as long as the reschedule date and time is acceptable to the league, additionally for reschedule requests within 21 days of game date, a $100 fee may be assessed and the request will not be considered until the fee is paid.
  4. When there is a disagreement of the requested change of scheduling of the game, or a failure to respond, the game will stay as scheduled. It is the responsibility of the coach who wants to change the date of the game to get the home team to make the request, and get the away team to log in and agree. No game will be left unscheduled, teams cannot decide to indefinitely postpone a game or forfeit rules will apply. If proper rescheduling procedures are followed and the referee is notified by USA, within 48 hours of the match, it will not be necessary to pay the referee.
  5. c) Rescheduled Games: All rescheduled games, due to unplayable fields, lightning, or other events out of the team’s/club control must be rescheduled within 15 days of the original game date at a time mutually agreed to by the Coaches. USA will require the teams to use the normal Got Sport process of entering a game change request to get the game rescheduled. The schedule will be updated by USA reflecting the revised date and time. In the event the coaches cannot agree on the date and time of the game, it will remain unplayed, unless one team is willing to forfeit (without any financial penalty since the game is not scheduled).
  6. d) UNPLAYABLE CONDITIONS: In the event a game is canceled by the referee due to unplayable conditions, the referee will complete the online game report indicating the issues. Should a game be started and then abandoned due to weather or other conditions out of the direct control of either of the teams playing, then it will be deemed complete if the first half has been completed. Clubs who have to close their complexes due to rain, unplayable fields, malfunctioning lights or other conditions out of their control, shall notify USA 24 hours in advance, and USA will cancel the games. IN NO CASE WILL TEAMS NOTIFY THE OTHER TEAM OR THE REFEREES. Should a club not notify USA in a timely manner, and the schedule is not updated, then the teams are expected to show up at the field and the referee will cancel the game. Home team will pay the referees. Conditions out of the club’s control shall include but not be limited to standing water, field maintenance, non-functioning lights, and closure due to events organized by outside entities who have been granted permission to use the fields by field owners that are not a part of the USA member club. In no case will a club close its complex to USA-scheduled games for an event that the club has organized.

Any team delaying the start of a scheduled game by more than FIFTEEN (15 ) MINUTES, unless a postponement has been effected by USA, shall FORFEIT the game to the OPPONENT by the score of THREE (3) to ZERO (0), unless the delay was due to circumstances beyond the control of the team.

By Referee: Referees who are responsible for the late start of a game, without proper cause or having failed to notify or gain permission for absence from the proper authority, will be subject to disciplinary actions, and may be called upon to explain their actions.

  1. f) FORFEITS: If a forfeit occurs for failure to appear on game day, in ANY age group, then a fine of $300.00 can be imposed on the club by the Board of Directors. Teams are expected to pay fines within 30 days when notice of fine is communicated to the club. Any game that is forfeited will not be eligible to be rescheduled. Teams that wish to forfeit, will contact USA, pay the fine and then USA will notify the referee assignor and opposing team.
  2. g) TRAVEL TIMES: Home teams will not schedule any games before 10:00 AM involving opponents traveling more than 50 miles or 2 hours.


These RULES and REGULATIONS may be AMENDED in accordance with the USA Constitution.


Any matters not provided for in these RULES and REGULATIONS, or those of the USSF, USYSA, FYSA, or FIFA, shall be determined by the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors of this Association.


The following safety rules are incorporated into the Rules and Regulations to help establish standard safety practices for players and coaches and as a reminder to referees. Coaches are urged to review these safety standards with their players.

GLASSES: Glasses should only be worn if mandatory for proper vision, they shall have SAFETY LENSES and shall have a safety strap.


PROJECTIONS: Sharp projections of any type are forbidden, including ornaments, or items carried in pockets, or attached to clothing or to the person. These include, but are not limited to RINGS, BRACELETS, MEDALLIONS. NECK CHAINS, EAR RINGS, WRIST WATCHES, PENS, and PENCILS.

CASTS: Players wearing a CAST may DRESS OUT but, shall not PLAY.

DANGEROUS CONDITIONS: Dangerous conditions of play, such as substandard playing conditions, structural or electrical hazards, lightning, etc., are grounds for match postponement by the referee. These conditions must be reported to the administration of USA Soccer.

INJURY: Any injury must be reported directly to the player’s parent(s) at the earliest opportunity. Where it is the judgment of the coach that medical attention is required, the player’s parent(s) and family physician should be notified. If this cannot be done in a reasonable amount of time, the County EMS system should be activated so that trained personnel can attend to the player’s injury.

PLAYING FIELDS: Playing fields should be policed for sharp stones, broken glass or other sharp projections. This activity should be performed by the home team.

TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Coaches should always have in their possession telephone numbers for:

Player’s parent(s), both HOME and WORK.

Player’s family physician.

Local Police.

County EMS.

Ambulance Service.


The following system has been established for standings:

  1. a) Game Points: 3 points for a win, 1 points for a tie, no points for a loss; and if no clear winner;
  2. b) SECOND: Head to head competition; and if no clear winner;
  3. c) THIRD: Adjusted goal differential, goals scored minus goals allowed with a maximum of plus or minus three (3) goals per game; and if no clear winner;
  4. d) FOURTH: Total goals allowed, if no clear winner;
  5. e) FIFTH: The tied teams will be decided by a coin toss, unless the teams involved are

subject to promotion/relegation, then the tied teams will be required to play a match of regulation time for their age group; and if at the end of regulation time a winner has not been decided;

  1. f) SIXTH: Two overtime periods will be played to completion; and if at the end of the overtime periods a winner has not been decided;
  2. g) SEVENTH: Penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with FIFA “Taking of kicks from the penalty spot” to obtain a result.
  3. h) U-9 & U-10 Age Groups: Standings will not be kept for any U-9 & U-10 age groups.

U-9 upcoming division group: No Standings will be kept.


USA will publish a date for team applications and payment to be due. Any team which has not applied and paid by the deadline is not guaranteed a spot. USA may impose a late fee of an additional $100 for any team who applies or pays after the deadline, and placement is not guaranteed. Fees will be returned for teams not accepted. Teams who drop out after the coaches meeting will not receive refunds. Placement of teams within the various Divisions of each age group shall be guided by the principles of fairness, competitiveness and balance. Fairness refers to the methodology league uses in establishing divisions, no teams should be given any extraordinary consideration when establishing divisions. Competitiveness means that every team placed into a division shall be equilibrated to the expected level of play with all other teams in that division ..TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE. Balance means that to the greatest extent possible, each team in a Division will play each of the other teams within that Division the same number of games during the league schedule. This may not be entirely possible for all divisions.  The VP of Admin will provide the Executive Committee with the last season standings, and the VPs will recommend group placement before the annual coaches meeting. These proposed divisions should be published prior to the annual coaches meeting, and will be finalized at the coaches meeting for all age groups. ANY AFFILIATE THAT FAILS TO ATTEND THE ANNUAL COACHES MEETING SHALL FORFEIT THE RIGHT TO CHALLENGE DIVISIONAL PLACEMENT. THIS INCLUDES THOSE THAT HAVE EARNED A SPOT DUE TO PROMOTION/RELEGATION. ALL MATTERS OF ROSTER COMPLIANCE WILL BE DECIDED AT THIS MEETING.

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