Inclement Weather and Forfeiting Games

Games are played as on the Got Soccer published schedule, unless a team has been notified by USA of a game cancellation, all teams are required to appear for all games or face a forfeiture fine.

1) If complex is closed due to unplayable field conditions, clubs must notify USA through the field closure form on the USA website. USA will make the necessary notifications to teams and referees. NO TEAM WILL CONTACT USA, EACH OTHER OR THE REFEREE TO CANCEL A GAME.

2) The only acceptable method of notification of field closures is via the online form, a confirmation email will be sent when USA receives the form.

3) If inclement weather causes a delay and the first half of the game has been completed, the game will be considered FINAL.

4) Games Cancelled due to inclement weather will have a scheduled date of 12/25/2020 (placeholder only), and must be rescheduled using the game change feature in got soccer.

5) On game day ONLY the referee can cancel a game due to unplayable conditions. If a club has not notified USA in a timely manner, then the home team must pay the referees.

Our area can have unseasonably excess rain, and this can cause many fields to remain unplayable. The senior season is so short as it is, that trying to reschedule games for some teams is impossible. USA has some suggestions.

  1. When possible clubs can try and move games to nearby fields keeping them at the same time and USA will try to move the referee assignments with the game. If this is an option for a game, the club needs to contact USA and advise the suggested new location and we will advise if we can make this happen.
  2. If the home field is unplayable and the teams can move the game to the away complex, USA will facilitate this if we can coordinate the referees. As with moving locations above, the original home club needs to contact USA, and we will advise the steps. Teams need to be aware that this will change the home/away status of the game as far as referee assignment and reporting are concerned, as well as referee payment.
  3. Some games may never get played. No team will be penalized by USA if game just does not happen because the original game was rained out. Of course, that game will not be counted in the standings

Forfeiting Games When a team finds itself in a position that it cannot play a scheduled USA game, it affects not just that game but the whole league. Teams should attempt to find ways to play the game, use guest players from your club (listed as club pass) or play with the minimum required ( such as 7 players in a 11 V 11 game) but when that cannot happen USA has procedures that will notify all affected parties.

1. For games more than 3 weeks away, use the forfeit game form to notify USA and if the USA board decides a fine is to be assessed, then the team will be notified, and the fine must be paid before the team participates in another USA game.

2. For games that are less than 3 weeks away, teams will complete the Fine owed forfeit game form. Teams will pay a $250 fine by PayPal, and USA will notify the opponent, and assigned referee. Please notice that the fee must be paid by credit card before the forfeit will be processed.

3. USA will post a list of all teams with outstanding fines on the website. Teams with paid fines will NOT be listed. UNDER NO CONDITION WILL A FORFEITED GAME BE REPLAYED. This does not apply to games cancelled due to unplayable field conditions, weather, or like conditions.