United Soccer Association

USA Soccer is one of the longest standing leagues in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.  We are primarily a scheduling body, but our ultimate goal is to provide a rich, organized playing experience for players, coaches and parents alike. We hold true to our ideals of fair, equitable play for all and thank you for being part of a soccer experience that shapes our youth.

To all playing members of the United Soccer Association –Club officials, team managers, coaches and referees

At about 4 PM on Tuesday November 29, all of the soccer enthusiasts who follow our Men’s National  Soccer Team learned that the USMNT would be playing in the World Cup knock out round of 16 an event that has not happened in over 12 years …Naturally we realize that some referees, youth soccer coaches, youth soccer players and their parents who are fans,  may wish to watch this event in real time at 10 AM on Saturday .One of the benefits of being a member of USA is that we are member owned and our board is directly elected by its members. We understand that more than a few other leagues who have matches scheduled to be played on Saturday have refused to allow its teams to reschedule their matches citing losing money, league owners nor wishing to do the massive amount of work rescheduling games and referees –We polled our board of directors and USA has decided to allow teams to reschedule matches without fines if you feel that it is more important to see the USMNT v Netherland in real time than attending scheduled youth soccer match this Saturday. When considering this there are a few ground rules for this dispensation so that we can limit the chaos that this could create:

1- If at all possible, please play the match… many of us can record and watch the match a bit later in the day.

2- You must contact your opponent about reschedule request in chat room in Got Soccer so there is a public record of your agreement IF OPPONENT CANNOT OR WILL NOT AGREE TO RESCHEDULE game is assumed to still be scheduled and if teams do not show it will be considered a forfeit and an appropriate fine will be imposed.

3- The reschedule should be done within 7 days (Dec 9) of Saturday’s date (Dec 2).

4- You both agree to pay one half of the center referees fee for the match —The referees have all been scheduled and it would be too late for them to get another match to fill in, therefore they should get paid. Send USA the money through the app and we will pay the referees when we receive your payment – please notate game number.

5- Avoid just changing the time of your match UNLESS you or your club assignor can get certified age-appropriate referee to do the center, it will be impossible for our assignors to communicate to the referees about time changes on Friday.

This could cause no end of work for our clerical team and some confusion for all, but we are willing to attempt to accommodate our members regarding this world soccer event.    

Paul Vansteenbergen, President

United Soccer Association

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3 part Game Report – pg 2 – Referee Procedures





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Drinking enough fluids is one of the most important things you can do to prevent heat illness, and water is generally sufficient for hydration. Dehydration, a primary contributor to heat exhaustion, occurs when people lose more fluid from the body than they take in. When this happens, the body doesn’t have enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions.

Dehydration can cause changes in electrolytes, which affect many systems and organs of the body, including the heart, brain, and kidneys. Some mild symptoms of dehydration include lethargy, confusion, fatigue, and headache. Severe symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, and fainting. People should drink before they feel thirsty and should stay away from very sugary or alcoholic drinks, as these can cause the loss of more body fluid.

1. Make sure and OVER hydrate at least one or two gallons of water 24 hours before game time..

2. Drink even when you are NOT thirsty

3. Make sure the manager has a bucket with ICE WATER and small towels IN the ice water.

4. When possible, take a cold towel out of the bucket and apply to the back of the neck. Keep it there for 30 seconds.

5. RE APPLY frequently during the game.

Some sports drinks are OK….but water is the BEST.


If at ANY time you do NOT feel right….let the coach know Immediately…


• Oldest Soccer League in Tampa Bay – Celebrating 32 years.
• Member driven league – Rules decided by and voted on by member clubs.
• Seasoned, experienced USA Board Members to ensure decisions are in the best interest of the players and clubs.
• Average Registrations total 400 teams/season – most ages will
support robust playing season.
• U9’s and U10’s – Divisions based on geographic location to limit travel.
• U11’s and Up – Groupings provide balanced play.
• Use of USA Assignors to ensure fair play for all.
• Paid clerical staff whose primary job is to ensure that all games are scheduled, have referees and scores are posted.
• % of games unplayed is approximately 1%; over 2000 games scheduled per season.
• USA Soccer remains focused on organized, elegant, affordable play for ALL players.
• USA Soccer rewards all 1st place Premier teams by reimbursing entry fees for Cup games and provides the United Soccer Association Annual Grant to deserving high school seniors.
• The longevity of our league, proves that our model works – we are in the business of soccer, not the soccer business!



The United Soccer Association awarded the USA Soccer Grant (formerly known as the Joan Judd Grant) for the thirty second consecutive year, in the Spring of 2022. In the past 31 years, 671 grants totaling $411,750 have been awarded to high school Seniors. The purpose of these grants are to recognize outstanding young women and men of the community, who are USA league soccer players and who have plans to continue their education beyond high school.

On May 22, 2022 a celebration of their achievements was held at Maggiano’s, Tampa, followed by a presentation of awards.   Congratulations to all!

Les Moore, USA VP of Senior Boys, Ashlyn Herzog*, Kris Guthrie

*Recipient of the Merritt Guthrie $2000 Memorial Grant

Not Pictured:

Luke Nogues –   $2000 Mark Butcher Memorial Award









James Wyatt Cross*, Les Moore, USA VP of Senior Boys

*Recipient of the $3500 USA Grant

James Bowen, USA Board – Member at Large, Ashlyn Herzog, Kris Guthrie, James Wyatt Cross, Les Moore, USA VP of Senior Boys


Attn: All Premier/1st Division Winners (13’s and above)

If you participated in any State Tournaments (Commissioner’s Cup, State Cup or President’s Cup) you will be reimbursed for tournament entry fees.

Submit proof of participation and receipt for entry fees to: dynamozak@aol.com

Two more examples of why USA Soccer League is the league to be a part of! 


USA Soccer is still the only league operating in Region C, that is run entirely by its members –for its members.

USA Soccer intends to go back to segregating divisions by strength of teams to form the divisions –promotion -relegation just the same as the last 30 years.

While last year was a very difficult season indeed, USA Soccer’s unplayed matches were under 1 % of total matches played in the league.

We are aware that there are a plethora of ” leagues” to pick from –all of these leagues are operated by its owners; all can include or exclude any team from any Club —unlike our league model.

What our member managed league promises, is that if you play in the USA Soccer League, you will be part of a league that is well managed and professionally run. This includes scheduling to making sure that your teams will have an opponent with all players and coaches properly registered and all players age verified, with a certified center referee who is assigned by USA.


************************************************************************************************************                     TESTIMONIAL

            We have never met.  But, I am writing to you and the members of the Board about the upcoming Senior Season. I first want to say that I discovered recently that I am approaching my 10th year coaching competitive soccer for the Manatee Magic. In each of those years,  I have coached a team in the USA league.  So, upon recognizing this anniversary of sorts, it caused me to reflect on my experiences. The overriding, relevant reflection for our discussion is that I wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate the USA league and the consistent manner that it has run over the years I have been involved.  As clubs and people naturally are always looking for the greener grass and the next great thing to pitch to parents, the USA league in my opinion consistently puts the kids/players and the clubs at the forefront of it’s mission.  Frankly, you provide a quality product and you provide a welcoming place for even  very small clubs such as ours, to develop players and teams. So, again thank you because although I  am sure there are many chaotic moments behind the curtains, for the most part, folks should have little to complain about. And it is likely that there are some hard working people around there who don’t hear this enough.
      With that background, I wanted to share my appreciation and that of our players and parents for your efforts at trying to get this season going. The fact that you  have stepped up and perhaps stepped out of the crowd to set a stated goal of playing the season has provided much needed positivity to the lives of the teenagers and group that I coach. I can see the excitement in their play during our limited training sessions. I am aware of the recent delay.  I think , most reasonable minds realize the challenges that will come from doing anything in 2020.  It is tough business and I know that the Board has to wrestle with all kinds of issues related to the pandemic. The positive side is that at least we play outside, it is usually warm,  the players are young and the parents have choices on whether they feel safe about their kids playing soccer. Accordingly and hopefully, that helps us ultimately get on the field. I do not write any of this with any political leaning or bent. it seems impossible to hold an opinion without an implication of some position other than the one stated.   I simply wanted you and the Board to know that we appreciate your efforts to have a season. We hope the other Clubs are able to get their fields open and we hope they are also supportive.  So far, our parents are universally supportive of getting on the field while at the same time doing our best to follow recommended procedures. I know we have discussed having two volunteer field Marshall’s per game to ask parents to respect distancing and to support the ever more difficult jobs of referees as  an example.   If there is anything that I  can do to help other than providing this offer of support, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Brett Mcintosh,

Manatee Magic U17 B

Coach/ Manager

2021-2022  Senior & Junior Schedules

Responding to the Referee Problem

In response to the growing issue of training and retaining quality referees, the USA Executive Board has taken a hard look at the reason for the referee shortage.  Referees have cited concern for personal safety; inappropriate player, parent and spectator conduct and lack of respect as some of reasons for the referee shortage.  The following measures will be implemented for the upcoming season:

  1. Require member clubs to host referee training courses (new or refresher) once every three years,  to increase the referee pool.
  2. USA will offer several online MANDATORY training sessions, to educate referees on USA Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and appropriate game day procedures.   
  3. Require coaches to be responsible for parent and spectator behavior. (FYSA rule)
  4. Continue the Referee Mentoring program; Senior Referees will provide hands on observation and training to younger referees.
  5. Continue the use of the Referee Assessment Report; tool to provide feedback and follow up.
  6. Continue to utilize central Referee Assignors, to ensure fair and objective officiating at all USA league games.