207.2 Players shall not be removed from a team’s roster or released by the affiliate under any circumstances if the player is:

•     Rostered to a team currently subject to  roster freeze or

•     Is serving a suspension (red card).


504.1 Red card suspension or send off suspensions can only be served with the team with which the suspension was earned in games played by their team.   Until the suspension is served the player/coach is suspended from any other team(s) to which the player/coach may be registered.    Games may not be scheduled to “work off” suspension.  Players may not serve suspensions as “guest players” nor may they “guest play” with any other team(s) until such time as the original suspension is served.

1.    Issued during league game must be worked off during next scheduled league, Cup or tournament game(s).

2.    Issued during (American) District, Regional or President’s Cup, they must be worked off during remainder of the competition. If no competition remains, suspension must be worked   off in next scheduled league and/or tournament game(s).

3.    Issued during Tournament Play: Tournament Red Card Report filed along with game reports as required by Post-Tournament rules. FYSA office to send copy of Red Card Report and appropriate game reports to the DC in the next immediate mail out. DC to notify club of a discipline/sanctions remaining.

4.    Issued during “friendly games” must be worked off during the next scheduled league, Cup or tournament game(s). “Friendly games” may  not  be scheduled to work off game suspensions nor  if  previously  scheduled,  used  to  work  off  suspension given during league, cup or tournament games.

5.    Issued during the US Youth National Championship (State Cup), at any level, shall not be allowed to participate in the next immediately following National Championship (State Cup) game played by the player’s team. A player may receive more than one (1) game suspension.   Local club/league may issue additional discipline to be served in other than National Championship (State Cup) games.

6.    A red card suspension issued during a small sided tournament which can not be served during the event shall be served during the player/coach’s next scheduled club, league or cup game(s).  For a suspension issued during a normal league/cup game, the player must sit out the first game of any small sided tournament previously entered.  The player shall then be able to compete in the remainder of the tournament.  The player shall not receive credit for the small sided game(s) against the original suspension.

504.2 Red card suspensions received as a “guest player” may only be served with the player’s primary team. If the player’s primary team is not active in competition, with the permission of the DC, the player may serve the suspension with a secondary team if dual rostered.  Suspension received as a guest player may carry forward to the player’s primary team during the next seasonal year the player is registered.