USA Referee Info

Referee Complaint Procedures

Got Soccer Assignor and Referee Guidelines:

Primary Assignor and FYSA Background Check

All assignor and Referee accounts used for USA games will be those accounts created by FYSA.
All assignor and referee accounts that are created by assignors or referees will be rejected.
All referees will list FYSA as their primary assignor.
Before USA will grant assignor access, USA will verify that the assignor is FSR certified and has an approved RM status.
Got Soccer has many options and functions since it is used by multiple state associations, leagues and tournaments. Since the referee and assignor portions are used by events that cross state associations, they can not “customize” the program to reflect the parameters of one State. Since other National and State associations use Got Soccer for tournament scheduling, USA members will have to follow the above guidelines that cannot be programmed into a “USA only program”.


Game Day Procedures

USA has updated the referee procedures, due to recent changes in software. The new procedures are posted here.
USA requires a 3 part game report for ALL games, and each team is required to provide a Got Soccer game card that contains the rosters to the referee at game time.
The main reporting change is in the way that referees will submit game reports, they no longer will go directly to the assignor, reports and rosters will now go directly to USA.  For referees that are assigned through Got Soccer, they will continue to submit online game reports through their Got Soccer referee account. However, they will scan and email the game cards directly to USA at or faxed to 1-866-279-4329.  If scan or fax capabilities are not available, contact for instructions.
Please also remember that no one except the applicable USA District Referee Assignor can change any 11’s-19’s Center referee game assignment. If there is a question regarding a game assignment, click here for the link to the contact info on the assignors.