Junior Season

2013-2014 Guest Player Rule Changes

U9 and U10 Rules


 Important dates and deadlines:

 Junior Season:

Sept 7, USA will have schedule available for clubs to schedule games.

2013-2014 Junior Schedules

Clubs must schedule ALL games by Sept 21. Sept 22 –Oct 5, teams can contact each other to reschedule games. Procedure to change date and time is for home team to contact home club scheduler to move game to agreed upon time and date. No need to contact or notify USA, unless teams have difficulty coming to a decision, in which case a support ticket is submitted.

Oct 6 the Jr. Schedule is locked. Any changes after this date must go through the Got Soccer game change request.

Here is link to the instructions. http://usa-soccer.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Game-Change-Request-from-the-team-account-time-change-only-1.pdf

Remember that USA will allow teams to re-schedule games more than 3 weeks away, but teams that try to reschedule a game within 3 weeks risk the possibility of a denial due to the likelihood that the referee cannot be changed.

Teams will play a schedule of home V away. Most divisions will have 8 teams and 14 games. Teams may schedule these games at any time prior to March 31, but all games must be initially scheduled by Sept 21.

Junior Season games begin October 19.

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