United Soccer Association

USA Soccer is one of the longest standing leagues in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.  We are primarily a scheduling body, but our ultimate goal is to provide a rich, organized playing experience for players, coaches and parents alike. We hold true to our ideals of fair, equitable play for all and thank you for being part of a soccer experience that shapes our youth.

Important Announcements

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My name is Alexes and I am with USF Athletics. I wanted to reach out and see if any of your teams from your United Soccer Association would be interested in attending some great USF Soccer this Fall and joining in on our many unique experiences. We have released the schedules for both our Men’s and Women’s teams which do feature premier opponents such as UCF for the men and a strong conference schedule for the ranked No. 15 women. They can be found here:

Our group prices begin at 10 people which would be $5 for the mentioned premier games, otherwise $3 a ticket for the other games on our schedule. As previously mentioned, our experiences that your teams may participate in during games such as:

  • Halftime Performance
  • Ball Kids
  • Anthem Buddies
  • High Five Tunnel
  • Pre-game Rocky Photo
  • Post-game Free Kicks
  • Post-game Group Photo
  • Horns Up T shirts
  • Video Board Recognition

If interested, please contact me, spots are limited so please reach out ASAP if you are hoping to secure any specific games and I would be more than happy to assist.

Thank you,

Alexes Johnson

Sales and Service Consultant // USF Athletics

O: 813.974.7303 // ajohnson17@usf.edu


United Soccer Association is in the final stages of preparing to launch the 2019-2020 season.   USA League has been a league and scheduling body going into our 27 th year.    Board Members of USA League are made up of dedicated individuals from our Member Clubs.

Other new leagues come and go. These leagues are all available to our clubs to participate.   USA League has comprehensive By-laws and Rules of Competition.   USA League works to ensure all clubs are respected and games played as committed. We anticipate to schedule between 3000 and 4000 games in Boys and Girls,   10 Age Groups.  In 26 years of scheduling, USA League has scheduled 3000 games plus per year.     2018-2019 season with 3400 games scheduled , un-played games were less than 2%.     USA League is proud of our effort to make sure all teams 1. Have balanced-competitive play.   2. Secured fields properly maintained to play on.   3. The opposing team will show up as committed to play.   4. Certified Referees present to conduct the match.

Every club has questions to resolve and administrative duties to handle.    – Who are we playing?    Where are we playing?  When are we playing?   Can we reschedule?   These are questions that you should have answers to, before signing up to play in a league.   Having these answers helps guarantee that players and parents get the Soccer Experience that they anticipate and deserve.   USA League has answered these questions for 26 Years.   We work and update constantly to make it a user friendly organization.   USA League puts in a lot of resources, experienced Board Members and a transparent set of rules, that are fairly enforced by the league.    USA League is well known organization and proven positive experience.    Look forward to seeing all in the 2019-2020 season.    usa-soccer.org


Having played and coached in USA League, I completely agree


This is so true over the years and well stated. In my opinion USA league is number 1 without a doubt. Thank you for all that you have done.

Best regards,

Gerald Morin
Executive Director
Central Academy Youth Soccer/Futsal


Congratulations to the 2019 USA Soccer Grant Winners!

  $1000 Connor Gay – St. Pete Raiders 


$1000 Alyson Burzumato – Citrus United


                               $2000 Samantha Piovano – Seminole Santos

              $3000 Morgan Moritz, Braden River presented by Erica Butcher

                              In memory of Mark Butcher, USA Board Member

              USA Soccer President, Paul VanSteenbergen with the award winners!


Congrats and best of luck to all USA teams playing in the CUP tournaments

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Once again, United Soccer Association is giving back!
For Premier (U13-U19) teams finishing in 1st place, that will play President’s, Commissioners or State Cup, USA Soccer will reimburse the team’s registration fees for these events.
Presidents Cup   $750
Commissioners Cup  $400
State Cup $900
In order to receive this reimbursement, please email the following information to  usagamereports@gmail.com
1.  Team name & code, gender.
2.  Which cup competition entering
3.  Amount of tournament entry.
4.  Copy of RECEIPT of monies paid for entry
5.  Who you want check made out to.
Complete name and address where check is to be sent.
Greg Zak USA Admin, will be sending reimbursements out, once proper documentation is received.
USA Soccer values all teams participation in the league this season!





Responding to the Referee Problem

In response to the growing issue of training and retaining quality referees, the USA Executive Board has taken a hard look at the reason for the referee shortage.  Referees have cited concern for personal safety; inappropriate player, parent and spectator conduct and lack of respect as some of reasons for the referee shortage.  The following measures will be implemented for the upcoming season:

  1. Require member clubs to host referee training courses (new or refresher) once every three years,  to increase the referee pool.
  2. USA will offer several online MANDATORY training sessions, to educate referees on USA Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and appropriate game day procedures.   
  3. Require coaches to be responsible for parent and spectator behavior. (FYSA rule)
  4. Continue the Referee Mentoring program; Senior Referees will provide hands on observation and training to younger referees.
  5. Continue the use of the Referee Assessment Report; tool to provide feedback and follow up.
  6. Continue to utilize central Referee Assignors, to ensure fair and objective officiating at all USA league games.