2016-2017  Team Roster Sizes (latest information from FYSA)*
*subject to change

9’s – 10’s (12)
11’s – 12’s (16)

Congratulations to our newly elected Board Members

Vice President Junior Boys / Mike Connell*
Vice President Girls / Steven Emerson*
Treasurer / Brian Dozark*

Rule Change Proposals:

1.  202 (c)  9’s, 10’s – change to 7 v 7 format – PASSED

     11’s , 12’s – change to 9 v 9 format – PASSED

2.  206 (f) Visiting team to change uniforms if conflict. – PASSED

3.  209 (b) Blackout dates for reschedules will be added during Region C and State Cup weekends – NO   CHANGE TO BYLAWS NEEDED

     209 (g) Change fine amount to $100-$250 – PASSED

4.  501 Age Group Division Assignment – once the Age Group change, proposed by US Soccer is 
finalized, the USA Board will determine the best and most equitable way to place teams in divisions.  As this change becomes clarified, it is understood that the USA Bylaws, Rules and Regulations will be modified to reflect the same.

Housekeeping Items: PASSED

1.  104 (e) and (h) Update job duties of VP Admin and Administrative Coordinator

2.  105 (a) (f) Add that monthly meetings may be online and not at a physical location

3.  108 (2.) fix typographical error (unsportsmanlike)

4.  206 (g) (5) add that game report must be filed ONLINE in Got Soccer

5.  206 (g) (9) change to 7 v 7 and 9 v 9

6.  209 (c) fix typographical error (remove T)


“The USA league does a fine job, it is organized and information is always readily available. In terms of organization, the league is absolutely on par with other leagues. Well done!”

USA U13B Manasota wins President’s Cup and are on their way to compete in

Regional competition in Texas!

President's Cup



PCU vs Liverpool Game      March 2016

Junior and Senior Schedules can be found here.

Have Questions on how to use Got Soccer?  Click here for links to Instructions and How To’s!

USA has updated the policy and procedures on forfeits, and inclement weather. They can be found here.


USA no longer allows guest players to be handwritten in on the game card, they now must be pre-printed as club pass players. (Club Pass Player Rules apply) This is done at the club level, usually by the registrar or other club designated person. Instructions can be found here. USA guest players rules, now apply to club pass players.

The monthly board meetings can now be attended by webinar and have attendance recorded. The link for each meeting is on the calendar.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This WebEx service includes a feature that allows audio and any documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the session to be recorded. USA will be recording this meeting. When you log in, your phone or computer sound will be muted. There is a chat function on the screen where you can communicate with USA. Please use that. We will not be able to hear you, as your audio system picks up background noises, so it will stay muted. If you are involved in an agenda item, USA can open your link at the appropriate time.