U9 dev, 9’s and 10’s

Primarily, the game must be fun for all.


The 8, 9 & 10 age groups will have no more than twelve (12) players on roster per each team, and a minimum of 6 players for each team. The game will be 7v7 format on the field. Each team will have their own Gotsports team account, and a roster of players.

Guest Players:

Guest Players will NOT be allowed to play in a USA sanctioned game. However, a maximum of FIVE (5) Club pass players will be allowed, as long as the roster size is no greater than 12 players.

Check In:

Each team will present to the referee a Gotsports game card. Rostered players not participating will be crossed out. Only computer generated Gotsports game cards will be allowed. Any players handwritten in, will not be allowed to play. NO HANDWRITTEN PLAYERS ALLOWED. Coaches will be listed on the preprinted game card. There will be NO LONGER 3-part game sheets.


All players and coaches will present valid US Youth passes to the referee, no player or coach without a pass will be allowed to participate.


There will be one (1) center referee, assigned by the club not USA. The referee MUST a current certified. There will be NO linesmen. Offside WILL BE CALLED. OFFSIDE will be called at the build outline, NOT the center line.

The referee should also take a picture of the signed game card by coaches and referee. Report scores in system.

The referee WILL fill out the game card with scores and any important game information and sign it. A referee will fill out a complete US soccer game report

and supplemental report for any cards or injuries and submit to USA and their assignor.

Length of Game. 2 x 25 mins

Number of players: 7v7 which includes a goalkeeper.

No Heading

Indirect free kick from spot of header. Exception, if an illegal header committed by defender is inside the Goal Area, ball will be placed on the Goal Area Line closes to the point of the illegal header for re-start. Ball in play once kicked and clearly moves. If an illegal header is committed by an Attacking player, the ball may be placed anywhere inside the Goal Area. The free kick is in play once it is kicked and clearly moves.

The Field of Play:

Dimensions: The field of play must be rectangular. The length of the touchline must be

greater than the length of the goal line.

Length: minimum 45 yards maximum 60 yards

Width: minimum 35 yards maximum 45 yards

Goals: the goal, 6ft x 18ft, is the same for the 10 and 12 age group.

Build Out Line.

1. The build outline will be created to extend the width of the field midway between the halfway line and the top of the penalty area.

2. Goalkeepers are NOT allowed to distribute the ball VIR Punt or Drop kick. Violation will result in an INDIRECT FREE KICK to the opposing team at the TOP of the penalty box.

3. Goalkeepers may distribute the ball by either throwing it or putting the ball on the ground and dribbling or passing out of the box.

4. No kicks from the keeper or Goal kicks may NOT travel in the air passed the halfway line (must hit on side of own field before half). If the ball travels over the half-line in the air, the opposing team is awarded an INDIRECT FREE KICK where it crosses the line.

5. Once the keeper gains possession of the ball ALL other team’s players MUST retreat beyond the build out line. The ball is in played once the goalkeeper releases the ball by rolling, throwing, kicking, dribbling the ball. The ball is ALSO in play if the places the ball one the ground other than for a goal kick.

6. GOALKICKS: The ball is in play on a Goal Kick once it is kicked and moved.

7. If the Goalkeeper quickly starts before the opposing team retreats beyond the build outline the ball is live. NO building outline violation.